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ESA and the hosting country Invite all its members to the General Assembly 2018 in Firenze from May 23rd till May 25th.

The event is being organized in the historic area of Firenze and all locations are at walking distance for a perfect enjoyment of the unique and magnificent city of Firenze as the Masters of Firenze, the Medici family, wanted it to be.

The General Assembly is held in one day leaving large space for business meeting and new interaction opportunities among all participants.

There will be special historical sites visits and events and a dedicated opening for the gala dinner in the Salone of Cinquecento where the ancient parliament of Firenze used to be held.

The European Spice Association, ESA, is the umbrella organization of the European spice industry. Members of ESA are the national federations of the spice industry in the member countries of the European Union, Switzerland and Turkey as well as individual companies within the EU, EFTA and Turkey with a major part of the business activity in the processing, packing and marketing of herbs and spice products at EU level.

National or international associations or organizations representing exporters/traders at origin and processors, packers/traders or associations from European countries (other than the European Union), laboratory, brokers and other categories are associated to ESA.



  • represent the interests of its members vis-√†-vis the competent bodies and departments of the European Union, as well as international institutions and organisations;
  • promote the interests of members in respect of the products concerned and to protect the image of the products and the sector;
  • study subjects of common interest to the members in the scientific, legislative, technological and economic fields.