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May 24th, 2018 morning

The Dominican Firenze
Antica Farmacia di Santa Maria Novella and Santa Maria Novella Church
The tour includes n° 1 english speaking guide + entrance fees
Walking Tour

The visit of this ancient pharmacy will allow you to discover the original and secret recipies for parfumes and ointments that have become famous worldwide. The visit will be in the traditional laboratory, with the ancient equipment, the original vases for the different herbs and many other unusual devices used by chemists for centuries ago. Santa Maria Novella Church is chronologically the first of the great Florentine basilicas. Its name, “Novella”, comes from the fact that it was built on the site of a 9th century oratory, called Santa Maria delle Vigne, which had already been enlarged in 1094. In 1221 this church and the surrounding area was assigned to the Dominican monks, who immediately began to transform it. Construction started on what were to be the sumptuous headquarters of the powerful Dominican Order in 1246; designed by two architect monks, Fra Sisto Fiorentino and Fra Ristoro da Campi, it was completed in 1360 under the direction of Fra Iacopo Talenti, who also designed the Spanish Chapel or chapter house (1350-55), the convent Refectory (1353) and the great pointed belltower in Romanesque-Gothic style (1330).


Light Lunch

May 24th, 2018 afternoon

The Medici Treasury
Pitti Palace: the Royal Apartments and the The Treasury of the Grand Dukes ‘Museo degli Argenti’
The tour includes n° 1 english speaking guide + entrance fees
Walking Tour

The Pitti Palace with the Boboli gardens, built between the fifteenth century and the first half of nineteenth century, was for a long time the residence of the Medici family. The Royal Apartments occupy the fourteen ceremonial rooms on the first floor, situated in the South wing of Pitti Palace. At the beginning of the 18th century the private apartments were occupied by Grand Prince of Tuscany Ferdinando de’ Medici; then, between the end of the 18th century and the first half of the 19th century, they were renovated and altered by the Grand Dukes of Habsburg-Lorraine. From 1865 the sovereigns of the Royal House of Savoy (hence the name) lived there during the short period in which Firenze was the capital of Italy, leaving the distinctive stamp of their taste on the general appearance of the Royal Apartments, which is still visible today. Sumptuously furnished with pieces from the collections of the Medici, Habsburg-Lorraine and House of Savoy, they bear traces of the changing dynasties. The tables with semi-precious stone inlays, consoles and mirrors, furnishings and silk tapestries on the walls are in a striking mixture of styles, reflecting the daily life and taste of the different periods and inhabitants.

Now it hosts many galleries and museums. A very important one, in the Summer Apartments of Pitti Palace: Treasury of the Grand Dukes ‘Museo degli Argenti’. This Museum houses the important Medici’s Treasure made of vases, cameos, rock crystal objects, ambers and jewels. An important new section devoted to the Contemporary Jewellery has recently been opened and now it houses also the Japanese and Chinese Medici’s porcelain collection, started from the Medici Family in the 15th century.


End of the Tour 5.30 pm